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What is Smiley Piercing? Its Cost, Risks, Time and FAQs? 

Body piercings have always been in trend, whether it is ear or lip piercings or belly buttons. Body piercing is an age-old practice of puncturing a body part to create a narrow crater through which a chunk of jewellery can be plopped. Nowadays, smiley piercings have caught the scrutiny of fashion mongers all over the globe.

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Smiley Piercing

What are Smiley Piercings?

Smiley piercing is a body piercing of the frenum of either the upper or lower lip. Smiley piercings are usually used for piercings through the upper frenum because these are observable only when the person smiles. Piercings of the lower frenum are known as ‘frowny’. 

Who can Have it?

Before going for any such procedure, one needs to consult a dentist. There are certain circumstances in which one might be abstained from having these piercings, these include braces, very small frenum, or medical conditions such as gum disorders as they may cause allergies, dental sealants or inflammation of periodontium

What kind of Jewellery is used for Smiley Piercings?

There are mainly 3 types of jewel varieties that can be used. These include:

Captive Bead Ring

This is the most commonly used jewel for a new piercing. It is a circular piece and has a tiny bead on it which allows the closing of the jewel.

Circular Barbell

This is the most preferred jewellery by the people who are getting their first piercing and hence used widely. It has a horseshoe shape and small beads on both its ends. These beads help the jewel to abide in its place.

Seamless Ring

This can be used with or without adornments. The unusual thing about this is that its two ends are connected without the use of beads and stay in place. On complete healing of piercing, a seamless ring with the presence of adornments can replace the standard seamless ring.

What is this Jewellery made of?

The type of material used in smiley piercing has to be selected to carefully, that does not cause discomfort to the skin. The available material options for jewellery are:

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Surgical TitaniumThis is the most recommended for people with sensitive skin. 

Surgical Stainless SteelAlthough it is considered to be hypoallergenic but it may have some possibilities for irritation. 

NiobiumThis material along with being hypo allergic, has a property of being non corrosive and hence retains its shine for a longer period. 

GoldOnly 14 karat yellow or white gold is desirable for piercing during healing process. Higher than 18 karats gold and jewelery with gold plantings can cause certain allergic reactions and infections.  

How much does Smiley Piercings Cost?

According to guidelines by the Authority of Tattoos, the cost of a piercing is between $30-$90. This is just the cost of drilling of skin, there are additional charges of jewellery which may range from $200 to $300. Paying tips is another factor that contributes to the cost. A minimum of 20 per cent is the standard cost of a tip. 

Another important thing is that after piercing, saline solutions are used during the healing process. Hence, it also has an added cost which should be asked to the piercer.

Is there any Risks associated with these Piercings?

Frenum is a highly sensitive area, hence the instruments used for piercings should always be appropriately sterilised before use. If any piercing is done with improper handling, it may lead to some serious damage and side effects. Some of these situations may include:

Damage to the Tooth

Attachments and beads on jewellery might collide with the teeth, causing enamel erosion.

Damage to Gum

If the jewellery is placed too high on the gum line or rub against the gum repeatedly, it may cause gingival recession overtime or may lead to inflammation of gums.


This is the most common condition after piercing. Our oral cavity is the natural habitat of many bacteria and entrapment of bacteria at the piercing site can lead to infections.


The body detects the piercing as a foreign particle, so in some instances, rejection of the piercing may also take place. This occurs by the proliferation of tissues at the site of the piercing leads to pushing out of the piercing. 

How much time does the Piercing Take to Heal?

A frenum is an area that is richly supplied by blood and lymph. So, it takes around one to two months for the area of piercing to heal. For the time being the a person might experience slight pain but it gradually decreases with time as the healing progresses. 

Dos & Dont’s

After you get a piercing, certain things should not be neglected. Here is a list of some of these. 

Important Dos

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Avoid taking much for a few initial weeks after the piercing.
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater, two times a day to avoid any infection.
  • Use a mouthwash after every meal.


  • Eat hot or spicy food, till the area heals.
  • Touch the piercing too much.
  • Smoke
  • Have alcohol
  • Use alcohol-containing mouthwashes or pastes. 

 Oral Piercing FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding Smiley Piercings

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Certain questions come into everyone’s head when they think about having smiley piercings. 

Some of these are addressed here:- 

Is it safe to have Smiley Piercings?

Certain things should be considered regarding the safety of smiley piercings like whom are you getting it did and from where and are the instruments used a proper sterilised one. There is an increased risk of infection in these types of piercings as there is direct contact with the mouth. So all these things should be kept in mind before going for such a procedure. 

How long can one have it?

These piercings are quite different and delicate from other external body piercings and so is their period. Unlike other body piercings that may last up to several years, the average life of these piercings is between 1-1.5 years. 

How do you know that your Piercing has caught Infection?

Symptoms of infection at the site of piercing are:

  • Severe pain with swelling.
  • Redness at the site of piercing and in its surrounding area.
  • Foul smell
  • Pus discharge from the piercing 

Someone having any of these symptoms should immediately visit their dentist to prevent further complications.

Can one Kiss after having Smiley Piercings?

One should avoid any intimate physical activity like kissing during the healing phase as it may lead to the introduction of the bacteria around the piercing that might lead to infection. 

Can you get the Jewellery of the Piercing Changed?

Smiley piercing is like any other piercing, one can easily choose the jewellery of their choice. But it’s not recommended to change your jewellery between the healing phase as it might lead to infection and pain.

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