SDS Canada 2018 Study Visa Rule, Benefits, Eligibility, and Documents Required

SDS stands for Student Direct Stream. SDS is the latest Canadian Study visa program started by authority of Canada in June 2018 replacing SPP program. This article will tell you about its details, benefits, new rules, and eligibility criteria and list of documents required as well.

What is SDS

  • SDS stands for Student Direct Stream and this program was declared by the Canadian Government on June 8, 2018, effective from the same date.
  • Started to make the current process more streamlined and promote Canada as a destination of choice for international students seeking quality education.
  • Applicable to students applying for a study permit from India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines and would be extended to Kenya and Senegal in the future.
  • SDS replaced the existing SPP program (Student Partnership Program).
  • Regular Study Permit application process would also continue along with the SDS.



  • Faster processing time: India- Maximum of 7 weeks, China-  Max of 3 weeks, Philippines- Max of 5 weeks and Vietnam- Max of 15 weeks.
  • More than 1400 colleges with DLI (Designated Learning Institution) number will now be accepted against just 47 colleges of SPP program which will share reduce the massive load on those colleges.
  • The success ratio of visa approval would be much higher than the regular study permit program.
  • SDS compliments the Express Entry system as these students will be placed to continue on the path to Permanent Residence and Citizenship of Canada after completing their studies in Canada if they wish to.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must first be accepted by any recognized Canadian learning institution.
  • Should upfront pay the tuition fee for the first year of study.
  • Purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAD $10,000.
  • The score of minimum 6 band for 12th student and 6.5 band for graduates in IELTS.
  • Complete an upfront medical examination.
  • Should be a citizen and currently be living in any of the 4 countries. Let us say if you are the student from India and you are applying for the SDS program, but you are living in Dubai or Singapore, then, in that case, you won’t be eligible.

Documents Required

  • Copy of Acceptance letter for college/ university.
  • Copy of medical exam confirmation document.
  • Proof that you have GIC of CAD $10,000.
  • Proof of tuition fee for the first year of study.
  • IELTS academics result card also called as TRF.

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