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Paracetamol Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings – Tricky Care

It is the most common drug used nowadays to relieve pain that might be mild or moderate and also reduces fever. It is also known as Acetaminophen. It was introduced in the 20th century but was started for common use since 1950 onwards, it is mainly a pain reliever drug but also posses action against swelling & fever to which it acts weaker. It is taken with or without a prescription.

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paracetamol tablets PCM

How to use the Drug Properly

Girl holding paracetamol

  • Take the product directly into the mouth as directed by your physician and follow all the instructions on the product package.
  • If any doubt is there regarding the drug consumption information on the drug, then consult your pharmacist or Doctor.
  • Many brands are available for this drug, of which you can choose any brand but make sure to read the dosing instruction carefully before taking it because the amount of the drug will be different between products.
  • Before giving the drug to children make sure about the dose, commonly child’s weight is used to find the right dose for the child.
  • The drug is available in many forms like Tablets, Suspension, Chewable.
  • For suspensions, shake it well before taking each dose and measure the liquid dose either with the provided plastic cap or with a measuring spoon. Don’t use a common household spoon for measuring it.
  • For tablets, you should either chew it or allow the drug to dissolve onto the tongue and then swallow it without drinking water or any other fluid and if you use water or any liquid it will slow down the drug action.
  • Don’t crush the drug instead you can split the drug into two pieces and consume it one by one but only if instructed with the package, if crushed into the mouth it will release all the drug constituents into the mouth at once, which will increase the risk of side effects.
  • Don’t use this drug for fever which lasts for more than three days as its prime action is a pain reliever.
  • It can be consumed along with food also.

The common use of the Drug

common use of PCM drug

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  • It is the most commonly used over the counter pain reliever for a headache, muscle pain, and pain in the tooth.
  • It is ineffective when there is prominent swelling, it is one of the best drugs to be used as the fever-reducing agent.
  • It is a much safer drug than other painkillers for gastric problems, ulceration, and bleeding.
  • It is also used for menstrual cramps.
  • Also used for Arthritis (Pain in the joints of the bone).

How Does it Act

action of paracetamol

The central pain relieving action of this drug is similar to Aspirin (another pain and swelling reducing drug) i.e.

  • It first directly acts as a pain reliever and later act as a weak swelling reducing drug.
  • The effect of Paracetamol can be seen within one hour of intake.
  • If the drug is given in the veins (vessels carrying blood in the body) with the help of injection, the pain relieving action starts within 4-10 minutes.
  • To reduce fever it will take around 30 minutes, but it has negligible fever reduction capacity.
  • The effect of this drug remains for 5-6 hours from the time of administration.

Adverse Effects of Paracetamol

side effect of pcm

The drug mostly doesn’t have any side effects on the general population but

  1. In isolated fever-reducing doses, it is safe and well tolerated by the body.
  2. Nausea and vomiting occur occasionally.
  3. It may cause Allergic skin reactions and itching.
  4. Sometimes severe dizziness occurs.
  5. Ulcer in the mouth is seen.
  6. Anemia (it is a blood disorder)
  7. Fatigue
  8. Injury to the Kidney:- It occurs after heavy use of pain killer, such individuals probably have some personality defect. The drug enters the cells of the kidney and kills the cells causing injury to kidney.
  9. Severe Paracetamol poisoning.


  1. If you or any of your family is allergic to Paracetamol then before taking it, consult your nearest Pharmacist or Doctor.
  2. If you are alcoholic then consult the doctor before having the drug.
  3. One of the constituents of this drug is Sugar, so it is cautioned to Diabetic Patients
  4. This drug is not recommended for pregnant women until it is necessarily required.
  5. People with Liver Disease are extremely cautioned to use these drugs because it can cause severe adverse effects.
  6. The drug is safe for breastfeeders but it is advised to consult your Doctor, Check your breastfeeding child for any undesirable side effects.



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