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What is Dental Crowns? Its Indication, Types and Cost?

In our modern days, we have seen a lot of developments in relation to the medical field. Everything comes with labels and also there are a lot of misconceptions or less knowledge about dental prosthetics. Dental crowns are one of them. So whether they are useful or just a money making technique of dentists. You will get to know yourself by the end of the topic.

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tooth colored dental crown

What is Crowning

Crowning is simply a helmet for your teeth. Yeah in simple terms its just procedure to give a cap or covering to your tooth to protect your tooth from any damage.

Do Every Teeth needs Crown

Actually no, it simply depends on various parameters which makes your dentist decide whether your tooth needs a crown or not.

Reasons to have Dental Crown

implant crown veneer

Protection of the weak tooth

Due to caries the tooth structure becomes weak, and hence it needs protection otherwise the remaining tooth will also break or crack, so to avoid this there is need of the dental crown.

Large Fillings and a Decrease in Natural Tooth Structure Presence

After RCT (Root Canal Treatment)

As your tooth is dead now, obviously it needs protection. Because there is a lot of changes occur in the tooth after the root canal treatment, one of them is getting weaker and lustreless, that is color of tooth also becomes a bit dull. So, not only just for the strength but also for aesthetic reasons crown placement is important.

Missing tooth

If you have a missing tooth, donโ€™t worry dental bridge can help, actually, the dental bridges are the extended version of single capping. By the help of dental bridges, which are made over the vital tooth or maybe root canal treated tooth, the dentist can provide the artificial tooth at the space of missing tooth. Mostly in this, if the vital tooth is grindedย  for the support then it is taken into consideration that least natural tooth structure is lost in comparison to RCT treated tooth,

Dental Implant Covering

Basically, the dental implants are the screw-like structures (of course made of highly tested material which is purely biocompatible and cause no harm to the tissues) which are inserted into the bone, these implants acts as the base or the root of the tooth and the dental crown are used as covering.

Cosmetic Concern

In some cases, your dentist may advise you the dental crown if you have aesthetics related concern, these are known as the veneers, the veneers are used when the person has an aesthetic complaint like yellowish discoloration (click here to know the reasons of discoloration) of the teeth or slight gaps in between the teeth. The veneers mostly cover the visible surface of the tooth, the surfaces which are visible at the front while smiling. The tooth reduction is also less and the results are quite satisfactory.

Protect the Milk Teeth

In children, it can be used to protect the milk teeth (primary teeth) from decaying. If the primary teeth got damaged and there is still time for the eruption of the permanent teeth than the damaged primary teeth or milk teeth can be covered by the stainless steel crown. In this way, it can be preserved until the permanent tooth erupts. Also, it can be used in children to support some appliances. Sometimes due to some trauma or any other reason there comes difficulty in the eruption of permanent teeth, so to avoid those problems or maybe to solve those, some appliances are made and given to children, these appliances are fixed over the tooth with the help of the dental crown.

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Teeth Before and After

For giving you dental crown your dentist has to make your tooth smaller in size so that they can add up the crown to it and the tooth will be the as same size as the natural tooth. For doing it your dentist uses special burs which will grind your tooth. The amount of grinding or reduction of tooth structure depends upon the type of crown needed.

Root Canal Treatment and Crown

RCT Crown

In RCT (Root Canal Treatment), the tooth is invaded deeply and the nerves and vessels which supply the tooth and take up the signals to the brain about pain are cut down and also the infection seated deeply is completely cured. But at the end of the treatment, there is no longer exist any nerve supply or vascular supply in the tooth. Hence, the tooth becomes more vulnerable to trauma, so protection is important, which are provided by the dental crown.

Does getting Crown Hurt

Not really, actually the procedure of tooth preparation ie, reducing your tooth into a smaller version needs to numb your tooth so that you might not experience any pain or uneasiness. And while placement of your crown ie, the final procedure is not painful usually, but if you are more sensitive then your dentist can just give you infiltration of local anesthesia, which means comparably very low dose and then the crown placement is done. There are chances that you might feel uneasy for two to three days but after that, you will not even notice its presence and get back to normal.

Types of Crown

Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns are those which are given to the patient in between the procedure. That means before having a permanent crown your dentist might give you a temporary crown. This avoids the unusual aesthetic discomfort for the patient as their tooth is reduced to a small size. These crowns are attached or cemented with a temporary material so that it can be removed easily while the placement of the permanent crown.

What if temporary crown fell off

Mostly the material used to glue your temporary crown is strong enough that it will not come off easily but if it happens anyways then you can take it to your dentist and they will replace it.

Permanent Crown

Permanent crowns are those which are the final result of the procedure, it is the final capping which will cover your tooth and protect it from any trauma or damage.

Types of Permanent Crown

According to the material, dental crowns are made of

permanent crowns

All-Metal– These are metallic crowns which are usually preferred for teeth which are not visible during smile (posterior teeth), these are not preferred on front teeth because they are very unaesthetic or not look good due to its metallic color. These are mostly made of pure metals and also of alloys. The metal crown of gold was quite popular in the old days, as having gold fillings or visible gold crowns were considered status symbols, weird enough but thatโ€™s true. But for sure nowadays aesthetics is the primary concern.

Stainless Steel Crown– These are usually used in children where just a covering is required for the primary teeth to protect it from further damage. These can be given over a grossly decayed (ie, a large portion of the tooth which is lost due to caries). So to support such milk teeth the crown of stainless steel is given. Other than that, these could also be given for supporting the pedodontic appliances (the appliances which are used in children to help solve any problem involving tooth eruption).

Porcelain Fused Crown– These are widely used crowns, these have a base of metal but the uppermost layer is white colored material they are appeared very similar to the tooth and are aesthetic as well as strong. The credit for the strength completely goes to the metal base which can easily endure the force while chewing.

Ceramic Crown– These are highly aesthetic as they donโ€™t have a metal base so there is better aesthetics, but these are not preferred for posterior or the teeth at the backward region of your jaw, because their strength is less compared to other crown types. So, these are used on front teeth mostly.

Zirconia Crown– These are the latest option and are most aesthetic as well as strong. These crowns provide superior aesthetic and are most close in appearance to the natural teeth.

So, these were some types of crowns according to the materials used in the making of it, similarly, designs can also vary according to the need of the patient. Like

3/4 Crown– In which three walls of teeth are under crown but the fourth wall is spared (usually buccal or visible side).

Bridges– Used for supporting the artificial tooth.


How to choose Dental Crown

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If it is about choosing according to the need of the tooth, then please let your dentist suggest you the best option. But, if it is about the aesthetics and cost then you can discuss this matter with your dentist and they will provide you a list of costs and quality which could be good for you and you can choose accordingly. Some crowns like zirconia crowns are really very costly, due to its superior quality in every aspect, but if they are above your pocket limits and you want aesthetics also then you can choose metal fused porcelain, they also provide aesthetic efficiency and strength.

How much Dental Crown Costs

cost of dental crown

Dental crown costs according to the type of the material used these also depends upon the place to place.

In India, a dental crown can cost from Rs.1000-10000. The simple metal crown costs Rs.1000 to 1500, and the porcelain fused metal crowns are 2000-2500. As the material quality increases, the costs also vary accordingly.

Why is Dental Crown So Expensive

These are just dependent upon the type of material used and how well the designing has done and also how aesthetic concern the patient has. So, there are ranges of an option, one can choose according to the need.

Any Precautions after having The Dental Crown

Mostly the person should take care of the proper oral hygiene, which is important in natural tooth also. One should be alert about any inflammation of gums or food deposition near the crown, this obviously indicates improper oral hygiene.

Can there be any Pain after Crown Placement

Normally, the procedure is painless. But sometimes it may feel uneasy for some couple of days. But if any pain occurs in the tooth continued for so many days then you must be alert and see your dentist, because there could be some underlying cause which could be resolved by your dentist only.

How Long does Dental Crown Lasts

Usually, it is said that the crown can last forever. But the reality is the crowns can last as much care you can provide. Good oral hygiene is important to make your crown last a very long time and also the type of food you are chewing, and how you are maintaining your oral hygiene matters. If oral hygiene is maintained properly then your crown can last a very long time.

So at last, I hope all the queries related to the dental crowns are cleared and also it can be concluded that dental crowns are given for your own good and to maintain the strength of any vulnerable tooth. There are a lot of options for you to choose, so, it’s better to listen to your dentistโ€™s advice and have a dental crown if it is really required. If you have more questions, you can ask us in comment section below.

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