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How Often to Change the Toothbrush?

It is very easy to know when you need another set of shoes to wear or when have replaced. But how well to change your toothbrush? Or you even feel the necessity to change? Sometimes you feel… why should you change when it is doing its job of brushing the teeth, but is really cleaning? Or it damaging your teeth and its surrounding structures? 

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Have you ever given a thought to it?

You brush your teeth two times day for 2 minutes like every day, but you still maintaines oral hygiene? Surprisingly you constantly use same brush period of several months without changing it, not removes food debris or plaque around teeth but accumulates more leading to caries, halitosis, receding gums and so on.

How Often to Change the Toothbrush?

Is Changing toothbrush frequently Good or Bad?

Every people you meet in your daily life notices your teeth. Your whole appearances changes on the way your teeth look. No one wants to compromise on having a Hollywood smile. Isn’t it? Using an old brush does not help you in achieving the oral hygiene you desire but the opposite.

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Therefore, it is always good to change your toothbrush once its effectiveness decreases which compromises your oral hygiene.

So, when exactly to change?

Many people have this question in their minds when they visit a dentist and all they get to know is their oral hygiene is poor in spite of brushing daily. According to the researches, changing the toothbrush in every 3-4 months is the most appropriate way to maintain good oral hygiene. Note down the date of when you started with a new toothbrush and then discard it once the time span is over. Overusing the toothbrush does no good to your teeth and gums.

Sometimes you brush your teeth and notice that your gums are bleeding for no reason, have you ever wondered why? The answer to this is that the worn-out nylon bristles become too harsh on gums while you are brushing your teeth. To know more about bleeding gums and prevention, click the link: What is Bleeding Gums? Its Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment? – Tricky Care.

There are toothbrushes like our travel kit toothbrushes which do not need the necessity to change every 3-4 months as they are not used quite often as your regular brushes. But they can be replaced once they are to the edge of fraying. Now all information on changing the toothbrush is based on how frequent adults use the toothbrush, but what about the children???

How often can change Children’s Toothbrush?

Unlike adults’ children’s tooth brush is to be changed more often. As children grow, they tend to give more pressure to the toothbrush subconsciously. This increases the friction between the teeth surfaces and the toothbrush bristles leading to fray out easily. Therefore, the toothbrush has to be changed every one and half to two months in case of children.

Do we need to change electric brushes regularly?

Unlike our manual brushes, the electric toothbrushes do not need to be changed entirely. They have different parts among which the head portion of the toothbrush has to be changed. Scientifically, within the duration of 14 weeks the electric toothbrushes have to be changed. As the quality of brushes decreases if used more than the recommended span. Some tooth brushes fadeaway the color of their toothbrush bristles, i.e., from blue to halfway white. That is the perfect indication that they need to be changed.

Toothbrushes carry bacteria as well!

Surprised? But it’s true. The frayed toothbrushes carry millions of bacteria like E. Coli and Staphylococci than the normal toothbrushes. Is it not gross? Even your mouth contains these bacteria but if you change your toothbrushes in the recommended span your oral hygiene will not be compromised.

Toothbrushes carry bacteria

Is worn-out toothbrush responsible for breath odor?

Surprisingly Yes, the worn and frayed brushes or old brushes push the bacteria in your gingiva than cleaning them off. This leads to accumulation of more calculus and plaque leading to foul odor.

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You might have noticed even after brushing you still feel bad breadth (Halitosis). Want to know more about halitosis and prevention… click the link: What is Halitosis? Its Types, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment? – Tricky Care

The simple solution your oral problems is change the toothbrush once it worn out and frayed.

What happens when you do not change your tooth brush?

  • Your gums damage as your toothbrush bristles wears out, they become harsh on gums and leads to recession and sensitivity occurs gradually. To know more click on the link Receding Gums Causes, Appearance, Treatment and Prevention – Tricky Care
  • You could get flu often. The old toothbrushes harbor various bacteria and viruses more as compared to new toothbrushes. While you brush your teeth you tend to ingest few unknowingly.
  • Dental Plaque: As the efficiency of the old toothbrushes decreases the dental plaque accumulates more. Switching on to new toothbrushes reduces the accumulation and gives a good oral hygiene.

Indications to Change your toothbrush

  • If someone uses your tooth brush, change it may spread bacteria of oral cavity to yours.
  • The bristles bent, flared or worn out, do change the toothbrush.

Your health depends on what you ingest. Their key to good oral hygiene depends on maintenance and maintenance depends the quality of toothbrush used to clean your teeth. Toothbrush bristles are more like car’s engine oil, not depend on number of days or months but on usage, once it reduces efficiency has changed. There worn-out toothbrushes can just make you sick giving good oral hygiene. Changing these toothbrush can not only give you healthy teeth but also good healthy life which is most required during these days. Keep your toothbrush like your password not use change it every 3-4 months.

If your toothbrush begins to fray… Just throw it away!!!

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